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There are more things in heaven and earth

that are dreamt of in your philosophy



you think your life on earth is the whole story

but that is not the case

 there is far more

 of which you are unaware


 there are other realities

and other worlds beyond earth

earth is a small part of the puzzle


stephen hawking has said it is arrogant

to think that we are the only form of life in billions of galaxies

and he was not an overtly spiritual man in the traditional sense 


but what is it to be spiritual?

i would say it is to be aware that there are realms of which we do not yet know

and the sense of wonder that accompanies such a realisation


a few of us are aware of these worlds

 and now is the time for us to share our understanding with you

 some of us have a small part of the picture

and some, like myself, can see the whole

that is my role and was my role when i was on earth


to understand the whole cosmos

imagine that

 imagine knowing what other civilisations exist

beyond our boundary of earth

 it is magnificent

it is unreal

it is real

it is vast

 it is eternal


there are worlds like ours which are material

and there are many of them

at different stages of civilisation

 and there are worlds which exist which are not material at all

 and they exist as energy fields and cannot be easily categorised

 because on earth you are living as material beings


 it sounds like science fiction

 and it is science and spirit united

 but it is not fiction

 i am a testament to that

 because i am here

 and i have been in the material world recently

 and now i am in the world of spirit for eternity

 yet i also visit earth constantly

  there is no time in the world of spirit

 and space is a concept which requires more definition

 because it is not the same as on earth


 we function here on energy and we define that energy as love

i have a team with whom i work

and every day in earth time, or whenever it is needed,

we visit earth and the various hotspots which are in trouble

and there are many as you know


Ukraine is our focus at present

but not only Ukraine

there are many leaders who are being asked to stand up and be counted

Germany and France have risen to the task

Hungary has more at stake

Finland and Sweden have become emboldened to join the European groups

and so it goes on


we visit earth and stay with those who are on the brink of despair

and will always be there when we are called to help


we are not like an aid agency and

we are not supplying weaponry to those who are at war


we supply love

because love heals on one hand

and enables us to help those who have left their bodies

to make the transition  into the world of spirit

where they can remain or return to earth at a later stage

when the cataclysm is past


earth is in trouble

climatically, there are going to be challenges which you cannot always meet

It is time for a massive rethink of why you are here

and what you wish for yourselves in the future


earth has become difficult to manage

many of you will leave in any event

due to age and illness and disease


this is not a cause for regret

it is a cause for celebration for those who are released

you will be moving into the world of spirit

to replenish your souls for the next adventure


so start to think this way

earth is a transit station and your home is beyond

but it is not far

it is just nearby

but it is not material


there you will remember who you are

and remember why you were born on earth

and decide what you would like to do next


life is a challenge

and it can be a joy or a burden

the choice is up to you


when those you love leave their bodies, rejoice,

because next time it may be you

and then you will meet them again

in a little while


there are no goodbyes any more

It is just a case of -  see you later


we are all part of one beautiful family

so be aware and take notice of all that is happening around you

and know that you are part of the story

and if you are in misery or despair

know that it will not be for long

and you will be free


love where you can

and you will be loved in return


now is a turning point in the history of the earth

and you are part of making it happen


My blessings – Bhagwan




The writings of Shobha Cameron
in both prose and poetry
embrace the eastern tradition of devotional love (bhakti)
which is the foundation of her spiritual understanding

Since the seventies as an anthropologist
she has researched the influence of eastern mysticism 
in western countries

Her own life has been an example
of the joys and challenges of the mystical path
and more recently has centred around
recording communications with her soulmate
both while he was on earth (Kissing the Joy as it Flies)
and after he left his body
and entered the spiritual realm (You belong to the Stars)


PUBLICATIONS - Shobha Cameron

devotional poetry,  Bhakti Press, 2012

in response to Rudyard Kipling, Bhakti Press, 2012

an account of Shobha's spiritual experience 
while living for five years in the Indian ashram
of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh a.k.a. Osho
Bhakti Press, 2012 


Letters to the Beloved
Douglas Payne - Shobha Cameron

see Publications - Extracts (on this site)
published January 2022 Amazon Books
full colour - also on Book Depository



Published 19 January 2022
available from Amazon Books
and Book Depository


 see Publications - Extracts (on this site)

sequel to 'Kissing the Joy as it Flies'
based upon letters and direct communication
between those who have 'slipped sideways'
Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho) and Douglas Payne
and those on earth (Shobha Cameron and Peta Anderson)

Shobha Cameron,
Douglas Payne, Peta Anderson

Foreword : Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho)
on website




7 July 2022