Shobha Cameron

The writings of Shobha Cameron -
in both prose and poetry,
embrace the spiritual tradition of the devotee (bhakta),
which is widely accepted in the east.

Since the seventies -
as an anthropologist,
Shobha has researched the influence of eastern mysticism 
in western countries.  

She has published five books to date :

  • SONG OF LOVE - devotional poetry  2012 Bhakti Press
  • IF - A MOTHER TO HER DAUGHTER - in response to Rudyard Kipling 2012  Bhakti Press
        an account of her spiritual experience while living for five years in an Indian ashram         2012 Bhakti press
  • KISSING THE JOY AS IT FLIES - Letters to the Beloved - published hardcover 2017 - Angelicus
  • KISSING THE JOY AS IT FLIES - Letters to the Beloved - published paperback 2018 - Angelicus


Work in progress

  • SLIPPING SIDEWAYS - Conversations with the Beyond (2021)
  • MEMOIRS OF A MYSTIC - anecdotes from forty years as a mystic in the making
  • REMEMBERING - recalling our divinity
  • THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ME - each person has an inner gospel which is unique 
  • THE VERY MERRY WIDOW - on the illusion of death and continuity of the spirit
  • SLIPPING SIDEWAYS -  the parallel co-existent universes of the material and spiritual
  • MY MOTHER - MY LIFE : reflections of a daughter on the passing of her mother
          outrageous opinions of the author on contemporary social issues
  • AESTHETIC HEDONISMindulgence in a life devoted to beauty
  • DUAL HERITAGE - the contribution of 1) genetics and biochemistry (nature), childhood experience (nurture) and 2) the influence of previous incarnations (past lives) towards spiritual understanding

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January 2021