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I started reading Journey of a Sannyasin in the evening and could not put it down until 4.30 in the morning.  

Anne Bradfield



Thank you ever so much for your beautifully bound books.  I have started reading Journey of a Sannyasin and am looking forward to completing it.  A very interesting ‘journey' and one to which I relate totally. You have a sincere Sufi-like heart.  I admire your commitment and tenacity in completing these volumes. 

Alice Winterton 


What a delight to read your joyful personal account of your experience in India.  Your joy shines through it all - even in the hard times.  I read Journey of a Sannyasin in the morning in bed when I woke up and just had to read it all.  I loved the way you put the various stages of your journey together with your poems.  It worked beautifully.  What a blessing.  I look forward to reading the rest of your poetry. 

Pamela Young 



How delightful, how tender and precious is the relationship with Bhagwan that you describe in Journey of a Sannyasin.  I am reminded (once again) of the smells and sounds of India, the bird calls at night and the ashram garden.  I will share these beautiful books with other sannyasins. 

Barbara Hilton 



I couldn’t wait to read Journey of a Sannyasin so I read most of it last night until I could no longer keep my eyes open, so had to put it down, even though I wanted to finish it.  There is a lot of wisdom there from your experience and I really appreciate your honesty and sharing of your journey.  I’m so glad you are now also sharing your writings with the world at large. 

Shelley Sayers



I am impressed by your gift for expression and the beautiful flow of your words. I wish I could write like that.   

Fiona Robinson



I found your website elegant and easy to use.  I also read your two new books IF and Journey of a Sannyasin from cover to cover at two sittings.  It has been a long time since I have read poetry and I found the experience of reading your poetry extremely enjoyable and most enlightening.  The way you combined prose with poetry in the Journey of a Sannyasin added to my appreciation of the story of your search in India.  I enjoyed how, in the poem IF, you covered the multitude of situations which can be faced in life – in a positive manner.

Michael Manley



I have just finished two of your books and I enjoyed your style of writing - interesting, and so easy to read.  Thank you so much for sending them to us.  They are beautifully presented and bound.  

Annette Clarkson